Station Rose online-history.

Online since 10 years._______________________________1991-2001

Station Rose was founded by Gary Danner (sound, concept) & Elisa Rose (visuals, concept) in Vienna in 1988. Before obtaining their diplomas at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in 1987 (Meisterklasse Malerei und Grafik, Prof. Oberhuber), Danner had studied Visuelle Gestaltung at the University of Arts in Linz, and Rose had studied French language at the University of Vienna, as well as fashion with Karl Lagerfeld at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.


Opening of Station Rose March 11th in Vienna, A-1040, Margaretenstrasse 24.

"Samples", symposium Nr.1, Vienna. 1st netaccess for 1 day.
With contributions by Fritz Ostermeier, Pita Rehberg, Thomas Mießgang, Zelko Wiener, Constanze Ruhm, Mathias Fuchs, Phoenix Presseagentur (Oesterreichs Presseagentur für Oekologisches und Alternativpolitisches), and others.


Emigration from Vienna to Frankfurt & Cyberspace:
Going Online at the Well (june 10th): various conferences, real time chat, ascii grafics, networking on a daily basis.

"Virtual Realities as a new Frontier", research for the Austrian ministry for science and research; exchange of ideas over The WELL.

"Gunafa 2000", solo-exhibition/installation/performance at NGBK, Berlin. Multiples, light boxes, 2 live-performances. Internet connection with Howard Rheingold/San Francisco. Print outs of ascii grafics and conversations. 1st online-exhibition.


Series of Gunafa Clubbings, XS-club Frankfurt. Live Hypermedia Performances (digital sounds and visuals) in a club context, including Online connection with the Virtual Community at The WELL: real time chat, ascii grafics. Hardware: Amiga, Atari.
4 projection screens.
Start: February 15th 1992.


"Ebene 7/Frankfurt", series of Live Hypermedia Performances & Installations; with 5 projectors and 5 screens, Bodysonic Sound System. Online connection with the Virtual Community at The WELL: real time chat, ascii grafics.
Performance with Terence McKenna.

"Click on It!", solo-exhibition at Troester & Schlueter Gallery, Frankfurt; simultaneously with
"Ebene7" - live-online audio-visual performance.

"FAB 505 - Vernetzte Zelle", MAK/ Museum of Applied Art, Vienna.
Hypermedia Installation & audio-visual sequencing live, incl. online connection with the
Virtual Community at The WELL. Hardware: Amiga, Atari, 6 projectors and 6 screens.

Gunafa Clubbing, XS Frankfurt, live hypermedia performances in a club context, incl. online connection.

“Reise zu den Quellen“, Tokio/Japan. First glimpse of the world wide web at Joi Ito San´s office.


Preparation of the installation of a station rose website, at the WELL.


Installation of the STATION ROSE - Homepage
<>, at The WELL, San Francisco. Supported by Stella Rollig/Austrian ministry for science and art.

"Digital Cocooning". Self-test over 1 year, with almost no connection to the "outside analogue world". Networking, CuSeeMe.

Gunafa Clubbing / Internet Lounge, The BOX Frankfurt, incl. online connection and CUSeeMe, San Francisco.

"World Wide Jam". Virtual journalists: "The Gunafa Twins" (i.e. E. Rose & G. Danner). European correspondents for Howard Rheingold´s "Digital Zeitgeist".

* Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, honorable mention for Station Rose Homepage.
* "WELL chosen site No.1"


Monthly stationrose newsletter - issue# 01, written by avatar fett tedget.

"Kursbuch Internet", Bollmann Verlag, Germany. Textcontribution.

CuSeeMe Videoconference with Timothy Leary, Ken Kesey and others.

Station Rose appointed "Hosts of the Frankfurt Conference" & "World Wide Jammers" at Howard Rheingold´s "ELECTRIC MINDS" <>, a virtual community project.

Public CuSeeMe conference at Helium/Frankfurt with San Francisco and Tokyo.
div. CuSeeMe conferences at our Frankfurt studio, @home.

End of "Digital Cocooning"-self test.


Conference "ELECTRIC MINDS". STR Hosts of "Frankfurt Conference". Virtual community project. (Report on the AEC/ars electronica center, documentaX, among others.)

Ars Electronica, Linz/Austria. Workshop and lecture on Virtual Communities, with John "Tex" Coate/The Gate .

"Musik im Internet", lecture, FH Frankfurt.
"TREE", vinyl-maxi single and Video, released by Sony Music/Columbia. Ram file and screensaver on demand at Sony website.


"1st decade": archive of <10 Years of Station Rose> .


"crossLinks", Marstall, Berlin: installation & first Webcasting at <>; on a regular basis since January 11th.

"Webcasts live@home No.1 - 92" at <>.

"Next 5 Minutes 3", Festival, Amsterdam. Performance, realaudio stream.

"Galerienrundgang"/ Art Frankfurt, Rotari Club Frankfurt/Offenbach.

"Gunafa Clubbing II", Space Place/Frankfurt. Performance & STReam.

"live @home 1-2", vinyl releases on Gunafa-Label; Live-Webcast tracks on vinyl.
Distributed by Neuton.

"net condition", ZKM. STReam with < day99-00>.


Art Frankfurt 2000: new works (stills from STReams, Galerie Trabant/Vienna).
"STR in conversation with Bazon Brock" at <>, Webcast 102.

"live @home 3", vinylrelease, incl. remix by move d. Distributed by Neuton.

"VIVA 2/2 Step". TV-Feature. Uncut broadcasting of a 1-hour webcast.

Webcasts live@home No. 93 - 128 at <>.

"private://public": a book on STR webcasts. Conversations with Geert Lovink, Bazon Brock, Thomas Feuerstein, Stefan Weber, Josephine Bosma, Birgit Richard, Petra Klaus and Hans Romanov. Edition selene, Vienna.


10 years online (since June 10th 1991) - special Webcast Session, summer 2001.

"Inkwell.vue", online live-interview & conference at WELLengaged, with David Hudson & Jon Lebkowsky.

"Webcast Lounge" at Art Frankfurt: installation, art products, performances, lectures & webcasts at STR curating div. netart projects. STR in conversation with Daniel Birnbaum, and others (Webcasts 139-143). Art production "MIDI-Kissen (MIDI pillows)": stills of MIDI-compositions printed on cloth, limited edition.

EMAF Festival, Osnabrueck: lecture STReamed to EMAF from the Webcast Lounge.

Panel and performance at "V-Stream21", Linz/Austria, University of Art.

Bayrischer Rundfunk- t.u.b.e- Live-broadcasting of a STR-performance by Bayrischer Rundfunk, simultaneous STReam at Cooperation between radio and webcasting.

Webcasts live@home No. 129- : regular Webcasting at <>.

STR in conversation with (selection): FORCE Inc/ Mille Plateaux/Achim Szepanski (Webcast 133).

Bauhaus Universitaet Weimar, lecture/performance at festival <type=radio~border=0>.